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A breakdown in a relationship can affect every aspect of a person’s life, often with life-changing and long-lasting consequences. Our highly-trained solicitors at T F Reid & Donaldson are specialists in family law and can help you through this tough time. Whether you and your partner are considering divorce, separation or an end to your civil partnership, need to make financial arrangements, or decide the future of your children’s welfare, it's crucial to be guided by an expert.


We're not only experienced in these fields, but are qualified to advise you on the best legal path to take. Our services are cost-effective, both emotionally and financially, because we aim to resolve any issues smoothly and efficiently. We can’t promise to make the problems go away, but our experience allows us to put your problems into perspective and make them seem less overwhelming.

Offering you help and support with:

 -  Matrimonial problems, including divorce and separation

 -  Civil partnership problems

 -  Childcare issues, including welfare, custody and access

 -  Financial claims

 -  Property rights

 -  Cohabitation

 -  Pre-nuptial agreements

 -  Domestic violence

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